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Upcoming REMEDIA series: Money and Medicine

Submissions are invited for a series on the theme of Money in the history of medicine.

Topics of interest might include (but are by no means limited to) finances of healthcare delivery, insurance arrangements, rationing of resources, metrics of health evaluation (QALYs, DRGs), economic and pecuniary metaphors in relation to conceptions of the body and disease, generic vs branded medication, luxury and lifestyle medicine, the commodification of body parts, medicine and profit, and considerations of human labour in medicine.

We welcome papers from colleagues working in history, history of medicine and science, anthropology and elsewhere in the humanities. There are no restrictions to particular geographical locations or historical time periods.

If you are interested in contributing to REMEDIA for this themed series or to showcase your research on another subject, please send an email to Lisa Haushofer and Kate Womersley at with an abstract of c.200 words outlining your proposed topic.

For more information, see our guidelines for contributors.

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